MMC´s commitment is to be a company that contributes to the social and environmental well-being in the whole world giving response to the spillages of oil, providing our knowledge to our clients for an ideal advising and formation, simultaneously we provide equipments of advanced technology and quality.


  • Cylindrical (type C) with or without Anti-turbidity curtains. Also available in fast deployment system. For usage in open waters and bays and also in protected waters and ports.

  • Flat (type P). Developed for rapid deployment and collection. Thanks to their flat chambers, they are particulary suited to being stowed on reels. Its ideal application is for protected waters without waves.

  • Inflatable (type H). Designed to provide a rapid response to assist in the containment and clean-up of oil spills. Available in a wide range of sizes for use in calm, sheltered and open waters.

  • Permanent (type R). Made of an extremely strong polyester fabric and covered in a UV treated PVC that is highly resistant to chemicals and mechanics and which has more resistance to the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun.

  • Self-inflatable (type AH). Designed to provide a rapid response, for use in sheltered waters and ports as well as in bays and open water. It is lightweight and easy to handle with an exceptional balance between size and buoyancy.

* All our models can be made in strong (1450/m2) or panel (800/m2) fabrics.


  • Selective Skimmers. They are ideal for recovering fuel from light hydrocarbons to high viscosity by minimizing the amount of water collected (5% approx.).

  • Overflow Skimmer. Uses the simplest of principles: it adjusts the position of the floating ring with respect to the level of the oil, increasing or decreasing the flow of the suction pump. Can include an external suction pump. The pick up more water than the majority of other types of skimmers, especially in the open sea, but in the long term their simplicity of design and operation, and therefore their mechanical reliability, mean they recover a lot more oil than other skimmers.


  • Self-Supporting tanks. They are an excellent solution for temporary storage of hydrocarbons in oil spill recovery operations.

  • Temporary storage tank. Can be used under the worst conditions and have a range of uses including spill clean-up, oil separator, potentially polluting effluents, firefighting, etc.


They are compact equipments designed to withstand the toughest conditions. They are ideal for operating oil spill pollution equipments and devices such as reels, skimmers, pumps, generators, etc.


  • They are the ideal solution for the stowage of oil containment booms. It enable a fast and safe boom deployment and collection. They are hydraulic operated, which means that an operator with little training can perform the operation easily.
    All the equipment is manufactured in steel that has been hot galvanized in a zinc bath at 400 °C and painted to marine corrosion resistance specifications.

  • The ISO storage container of 10' and 20' are a robust and resistant to marine environments storage.

  • The storage cages are the ideal solution for stowing equipment of any kind, from booms to pumps, skimmers and auxiliary elements.


  • They are designed to pick up spills on contact, stop liquids from running, and prevent tracking in the workplace. This format helps to have more control over consumption.

  • Rolls, indicated to cover surfaces as needed.

  • Tubular, adapted to contain and to absorb small spilages.

  • Absorbent pillows are highly absorbent, and therefore a good solution to persistent leaks.

  • Booms. Absorbent booms are very useful to contain and collect oil and fuel located on the surface of the water, as in harbors, lakes, rivers, etc.

  • Absorbent sweeps. They are long curtains of absorbent which are designed to remove the final oil sheen of a spill.

  • Particulate. They are made of loose polypropylene pulp, absorbs oil leaks and spills while actually repelling water. This format is especially useful for spreading over irregular surfaces, for fast cleanup of oil leaks and spills and also to clean those hard-to-reach areas such as cracks and corners.

  • Bilge boom. They have the ability to absorb oils and fuels, located on the surface of water accumulated in the bilge of the ship without absorbing water.

  • Plant particulate. This is an efficient absorbent for hydrocarbon and oils that have a vegetable base and made from surplus forest produce. The natural qualities of some plant species with the right treatment make this plant granule a highly productive and safe absorbent.