Our intervention teams carry out dives down to depths of up to 86 metres in wet bells or jobs without bells down to about 60 metres depth. This allows us to perform all kinds of actions in depth: from cleaning of installations, inspections, repairs and maintenance of underwater installations or underwater welding.

In the same way, we also realize diving in confined spaces, such as inside inspections of outfall and infall pipelines.

Examples of the above mentioned works are:

  • Manhole and grille cleaning with a manual cavitation system.

  • Cleaning mussels with a suction pump.

  • Canceling piping with concrete cover and sealed with Ivegor.

  • Supervision of infall and intake tower.

  • Maintenance and repair operations.

  • Welding, cutting with Broco (underwater cutting system) and reparation with flanges connection.

    MMC executes technical jobs, such as cutting with the Broco underwater cutting system (oxy-arc), diamond cutting, cutting with pressurized water and installing sacrificial anodes of up to 200 kg, repair of submerged concrete with micro-concrete and formwork.

  • Repairs to floating vessels and video-recorded inspections.